Friday, July 17, 2009


After finishing my master's thesis, the question I am getting from everyone is, 'Now what?" Well, the simple answer is, Pass my class this summer (actually, I'd like to get an A in my class this summer, just because I can). That, however, is not what the askers mean.
I have a number of things I would like to do. One is to get a PhD in English. Another is to write and publish novels. Most importantly, I would like to pay off my house and save a lot of money. When all of those factors are combined and set against that bitter enemy of dreams, Reality, we get the outline of my plan.
1. I love teaching junior high. Getting a PhD is expensive, both in dollars and in time away from my family. If I am going to get a PhD, I need to be ready when I am done to give up teaching junior high and go teach in a college. Before I do that, I need to know that I would also like teaching college classes. I suspect the answer is yes, but Reality says if there is a way to know for sure before leaping off into the expensive unknown, I should. That brings us to
2. With a master's degree, I am qualified to teach freshman and sophomore writing classes at most universities (and many other things at community colleges). So, my next step as far as my scholarly career is to find a position teaching a class or two at one of the local schools. Weber State would be my preference because I know all of the faculty, but I am also planning to apply to the U, SLCC, and the USU extensions. While I do that,
3. I continue to teach at South Davis and
4. Use my commute time, which has been reserved for homework up to this point, to write. I can either work on the novels during that time or work on another Shakespeare project I have in mind, which I hope will become my doctoral dissertation.
And that's the PLN.

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