Sunday, April 29, 2012

Welcome one and all! We celebrated Pretty’s fifth birthday this week. That means she will start school in the fall, which is kind of weird. (Then again, in a few months’ time I will be writing about how weird it is that Mighty is getting baptized. Or did I already do that?) We had a lot of family here to celebrate, and it was pretty fun. In particular I have to be proud of the horse cake Charity made for her.
Not that our Pretty is losing any of her charm with age. Just as we returned home in a rainstorm from our community band concert on Thursday, she expounded to us a piece of profound wisdom (and my three Twitter followers, sorry about the repeat): "You know mom, when you see white clouds up in the sky, I know they're not flying sheep." Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Mighty got exciting news this week. He was accepted into the Spectrum program, a kind of accelerated class. He has been clamoring to know news of this placement since he was tested for it in January. We think it will be good for him in a number of ways. He will find school challenging again (second grade was not his biggest obstacle) and there will be someone in the class smarter than him. I’ll be in the back, fitting a halo for that poor third grade teacher. (Yes, there are reasons I don’t teach honors classes, not smallest being that I took them, so I know what I would have to deal with—namely me.) And to conclude a short letter full of “Hey, that’s weird,” Charity and I celebrated our ninth anniversary this week. In some ways it hardly seems like any time at all, and in some ways it seems like we have always been together. I do want to let you know, however, that I did NOT give her nine rings as a gift. It has great pun potential, I know, but I would be saying either “You will be corrupted into a minion of the supreme evil bad guy” or “you are doomed to die” or “you are a man,” and I don’t know which of those would get me fired faster. Anyway, nine down, ∞ to go. I can’t wait. Thanks for reading this brief missive, The Handys

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